Current Situation


Structure of National Science Funding System

Scientific research funding in Ireland appears to be controlled by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation. This department is headed by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation and the Minister for Research and Innovation.

Within the DJEI, is the Office of Science, Technology, and Innovation, who are responsible for developing Ireland’s national and international research policies.

The OSTI is advised by the Chief Science Advisor (the office of the CSA was abolished by Minister Bruton and the head of SFI is now the CSA) and Forfas. The CSA used to be provided with admin. by Forfas.

Forfas is meant to be an independent policy advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation. Forfas publishes (among other things) research policy documents used by the goverment to steer policy-making, regarding science technology and innovation. The 2012 2010-2011 Science Budget and Research Prioritisation Steering Group documents were produced by Forfas and provoked the beginning of the LoveIrishScience project.

The Advisory Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation is a sub-board of Forfas and “provides policy advice to the Irish Government on medium and long term science, technology and innovation (STI) issues and contributes towards the development and implementation of a coherent and effective national strategy for STI.”

There are three main state bodies that fund scientific research in Ireland: Science Foundation Ireland, the Higher Education Authority, and the Irish Research Council.


The 2010-2011 Science Budget

The Research Prioritisation Exercise Report

National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030

Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation – 2006-2013

Report of the Innovation Taskforce Summary – March 2010

Funding Bodies

Science Foundation Ireland

SFI Strategy – Agenda 2020

SFI Operational Plan 2013

Public Engagement – Discovery to Delivery

Irish Research Council

Strategy Statement

Annual Reports

Higher Education Authority

Annual Report 2011


Trinity College Dublin

2010/2011 Financial Statement

University College Dublin

2009/2010 Financial Statement

University College Cork

2008/2009 Financial Statement

NUI Galway

2010/2011 Financial Statement

University of Limerick

2009/2010 Financial Statement

NUI Maynooth

2010/2011 Financial Statement


OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011


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