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French Maintain Strong Positive Stance on Science Research Funding

While many EU countries are struggling with austerity measures, France maintains and even increases some aspects of science funding.

“French science dodges austerity. While François Hollande struggles to rein in the deficit, research and higher education gets a 2.2% boost.

“The upshot of the cash increase is that 1,000 new university posts will be created, a third each going to lecturer-researchers, researchers and support staff, and none of the 68,449 publicly funded research jobs will be cut. Funding for research grants will rise by 1.2% to €7.86 billion, although that is a drop in real terms as inflation is expected to average 1.75% for the year.

“As Hollande had pledged, the funding split between the National Research Agency (ANR), which finances most projects, and basic research institutes is rebalanced. ANR allocations will shrink from €709 million to €687 million this year, and institutes will receive an extra €60 million for operating expenses.”-Barbara Casassus