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This is an evolving document that lists talks from leading Irish scientists, talks on the current policy of science funding, and talks in support of basic research. If you have links to other interesting talks, please comment below.

Irish Science

From Fruit Flies To Cancer – Luke O’Neill at TEDxDUBLIN

Mother Nature Has The Answer: Emma Teeling at TEDxDUBLIN

Ideas, Where Do They Come From: Aoife McLysaght at TEDxDUBLIN


Collaboration, Competition, Connection – evidence of intelligent design in European science policy? – Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation & Science at ESOF 2012
Link to Video (10:00-30:00).

ESOF 2012 Opening Ceremony – President Michael D. Higgins
Link to Video (10:00-30:00).

In the defense of Funding Basic Science

Carl Sagan on the importance of scientific research

Jocelyn Bell Burnell on the importance of Astronomy

Brian Cox on the internet

Neil deGrasse Tyson on not politicising science