Comment and contribute to this blog to help along the grassroots project aiming to secure the future of scientific research in Ireland. We currently find ourselves in the midst of a funding crisis that is due in part to our government’s ignorance of the ongoing crisis itself. However, the science community is also at fault for not sufficiently educating law makers to positively affect policy. In the spirit of the scientific method, we invite the public, policy makers, the press, and of course scientists to engage in a fact-based debate over an open forum.

On this blog we hope to keep track of the debate occurring through newspaper articles, open letters, public talks, radio interviews, and the like. Additionally, the current funding situation will be presented through policy documents (how it has been decided that public science money will be spent) and graphs showing the distribution of science funding (how the money is actually spent). We also hope to attract contributors to the blog to write argumentatively about how much and in what manner public money should be spent on science.



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