Planning Meeting 31-10-2012

There will be a planning meeting tomorrow at TCD at 3:30. See our mailing list for details.


–Government Chief Science Advisor position abolished
–LoveIrishScience to publish guest blog post on Science Calling!

-Continue developing infographic
–Data based on documents.

-Continue working on public talks
–Nov. 9th @ ASGI, Galway
–Nov. 15th @ TOG, Dublin


One thought on “Planning Meeting 31-10-2012

  1. Paul A. Higgins Post author

    Meeting Minutes:

    -Notes on white board… will be posted later on.

    -Need to find out how much of core funding from HEA universities spend on research as opposed to teaching. (HEA gives out 222.7M to universities as core funding and this is split between teaching and research)

    Action Items:

    -Aidan Neal, plots, pie charts, a few slides for talk

    -Paul, Research Prioritisation, 14 areas, list of steering comittee members
    -CSA abolished
    -SFI -> research prioritisation, how its changing
    -discussion slide at the end of talk -> what do we want to do?

    -Eoin ongoing debate slide
    -send links to blog with listed debate articles

    Next Meeting:
    -Monday 3:30-5:00 SNIAM Lecture Room, TCD


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