Upcoming Planning Meeting (@ TCD)

There will be a LoveIrishScience meeting tomorrow (Tuesday Oct 23) in the SNIAM conference room of Trinity College Dublin starting at 2pm. See the mailing list for any updates. Feel free to come along if you would like to contribute to the project in any way or would like to engage in the discussion.

We will be discussing the following statistics provided by Forfas and SFI. The idea is to make sure we all have a good understanding of the numbers that are publicly available before we go gathering them for ourselves. A number of us have split up the reading and will make short informal presentations, summarising the information covered. The relevant documents are linked below:

Forfas Research Prioritisation Exercise Report

Forfas Science Budget 2010-2011

SFI Agenda 2020

SFI Operational Plan 2013

Following the summaries, we will put together our plan for the next step of the project, which will mostly likely entail contacting SFI, HEA, IRC. etc., with requests for more detailed data which were not made apparent in the above documents, or which we believe may not have been clearly presented. If we’re going to develop some sort of infographic on this information, we want to parse the data ourselves.

This is background research for the upcoming LoveIrishScience presentations at ASGI (Nov 9) and TOG Science Week (Nov 15).

After or during all this, any other topics regarding the project are of course open for discussion.

The minutes of this meeting will be published in a follow-up post.


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