Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Consultation – Strategy Agenda 2020 and Operational Plan for 2013

SFI is currently involved in consultations with the science and business communities as it develops its budget for 2013, which will be finalised in December 2012.

SFI Strategy – Agenda 2020
“Agenda 2020 will shape the nature and direction of science funding to the research and business community…”

SFI Operational Plan 2013
“Each year SFI will publish an Operational Plan summarising planned activity under SFI’s suite of award programmes. SFI is consulting on its Operational Plan for 2013. The Plan clarifies eligibility and research prioritisation criteria for each programme. It indicates which award programmes will be open for 2013. The Operational Plan 2013 will be finalised following the allocation of SFI 2013 budget in December.”

Public Engagement – Discovery to Delivery
“…SFI is seeking both from academic and industrial partners case studies and data on the achievements and outcomes from research support.”


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